Lyft’s Biggest Customer of 2015 Spent Over $10,000 on Rides

The signature mustache (Flickr).

The signature mustache (Flickr). Photo: Alfredo Mendez/Flickr

Stressing because y0u’ve been spending too much money on taxis, Ubers and Lyfts? You probably have been, but at least you’re not as bad as this guy.

One customer from Los Angeles used Lyft to ride 9,196 miles in 2015, Lyft spokesperson Danyelle Ludwig told the Observer.

Although Lyft wouldn’t confirm how much money that comes out to, we have a pretty good guess. With fares in LA costing $1.95 plus 95 cents per mile and another 20 cents per minute, plus surge pricing when applicable, it’s safe to say this customer spent a whopping $10,00 (or possibly more) on Lyft alone in 2015. And since fares are similar enough in all cities where the company operates, this likely holds true even if the customer was Lyfting a lot while out of town.

Ms. Ludwig shared a few other interesting 2015 Lyft superlatives with us as well. The top night rider was New Yorker who took 298 rides between midnight and 4 AM in the last year. There was a rider from San Francisco who rode Lyft in 40 different cities throughout 2015. By using Lyft Line, the company’s cheaper ride share service akin to Uber Pool, another user from San Francisco saved $5,979.

That’s a lot of money, and a lot of Lyft.

Lyft’s Biggest Customer of 2015 Spent Over $10,000 on Rides