Pallone Backs Clinton for President

Congressman Frank Pallone thinks the minimum wage should be $15 per hour.
Congressman Frank Pallone 

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-6) today formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, citing as motivation the GOP’s effort this week to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which the Long Branch Congressman helped author.

“This week Republicans voted for the 62nd time to unravel the Affordable Care Act, threatening the health coverage of 22 million Americans,” Pallone said in a statement. “Meanwhile, they have no plan for replacement. While I am confident that this political maneuver will be rejected by the President, it is critical we work to elect a new president who will continue to protect the law and build upon it. We cannot allow Republicans to reverse the progress we have made to improve access to health care in this country.

“Hillary Clinton has made healthcare reform a priority from the time she was the First Lady and during her highly successful tenure as a senator from New York,” added the Democratic congressman. “She’s been out front promoting the Affordable Care Act from the beginning and encouraging Americans to sign up for its coverage. I know she will make a great President, but I am emphasizing her support for the Affordable Care Act in my endorsement today because it is so crucial to have a President who will fight against GOP efforts to repeal or dismantle the Act.”

Pallone’s endorsement of Clinton came days after Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-19) – who lives in the 6th District – threw his support behind Clinton challenger Bernie Sanders. But Wisniewski – often circulated as a potential future congressman – won’t primary Pallone, a source noted, and remains focused on the possibility of a 2017 gubernatorial bid. Pallone Backs Clinton for President