Public Policy Poll: Trump up by 14 Points in New Hampshire

A Public Policy Poll today of the Republican contenders in New Hampshire poll finds real estate maven Donald Trump leading in Donald_Trump_March_2015[1]his rivals in the Granite State by 14 points.

The poll notes that Trump’s position in the state has been steady over the last three months: 28% in mid-October, 27% in early December, and 29% this month.

Five other candidates are in double digits but cluttered and well behind Trump: Marco Rubio at 15%, Chris Christie and John Kasich at 11%, and Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz at 10%.

Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are at 4%, according to the poll; while Rand Paul comes in at 3%.

Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are at 1%, and Jim Gilmore with less than 1%.

Trump actually ranks 8th out of the 12 candidates in New Hampshire in net favorability with only 49% of GOP voters seeing him favorably to 44% with a negative opinion. But his support has the greatest intensity among the top level candidates- 68% of his supporters say they’re firmly committed to him compared to 63% for Cruz, 58% for Bush, 46% for Rubio, 40% for Christie, and just 34% for Kasich on that metric.

“If the Republican establishment really wants to stop Donald Trump in New Hampshire it might require some more people dropping out of the race,” said Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling. “Four different establishment candidates all polling in double digits is what’s allowing Trump to have such a big lead in the state.”

The candidates with the biggest gains since our last poll in early December are Bush (up 5 points from 5% to 10%), Rubio (up 4 points from 11% to 15), and Kasich (up 3 points from 8% to 11%). Bush and Kasich have also had notable gains in their favorability ratings. Bush has gone from negative territory last month (38/45) to positive ground (44/42).

The full poll can be found below:

PPP_Release_NH_10616 Public Policy Poll: Trump up by 14 Points in New Hampshire