Smorgasburg’s Famous Food Festival Is Expanding to Los Angeles

One can only hope that the L.A. locale will have Ramen Burgers.

(Photo: Keizo Shimamoto).
It’s unknown if the infamous Ramen Burger will make its way to California (Photo: Keizo Shimamoto).

Smorgasburg, the beloved foodie festival that serves everything from Ramen Burgers to lobster rolls, is expanding to Downtown Los Angeles. Now, when your friends grow tired of New York (especially in the snow), and contemplate moving out west, they’ll have a truly delicious reason. For some, Los Angeles feels almost as far as Brooklyn, so a California vacation is an excuse to enjoy a variety of delicacies.

(Photo: Smorgasburg).
A scene from the crowded Williamsburg Smorgasburg (Photo: Smorgasburg).

Starting in June 2016, Smorgasburg is launching their own L.A. market, packed full of food, vintage clothes and cultural events. The space will combine their food vendors with a shopping experience that brings together “design, craft, style, vintage and wellness.” In typical Los Angeles fashion, there will be a parking garage for more than 5,000 vehicles—reminding New Yorkers considering a West Coast move that California might have fantastic weather, but it also has terrible traffic.

une 2016, on the five-acre site of the weekday Alameda Produce Market in Downtown Los Angeles.(Photo: Smorgasburg).
A look at the five-acre site, which is currently the the weekday Alameda Produce Market (Photo: Smorgasburg).

There are currently Smorgasburg locations on the Williamsburg waterfront and in Prospect Park, with a winter one in Industry City. One can only hope that the Los Angeles locale will have Ramen Burgers—preferably without the long lines that are reminiscent of Disney World, or Dig Inn at lunchtime. Smorgasburg’s Famous Food Festival Is Expanding to Los Angeles