Source: the Only Way to Break the Casinos Impasse


As Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) brawled over which of their two bills would better package a casinos referendum question, a source offered perspective.

“My first prediction is neither gives in (Sweeney or Prieto),” said the source.

Secondly, the source said he anticipates that the two sides would have to revisit a three casino license option rather than two.

That means “one of the licenses [would go] to the best/highest bidder [Paul Fireman] and the other two going to existing Atlantic City operators like Sweeney wants,” the source added.

“That’s the only way I see this getting resolved,” the source added. “The problem is three licenses could hurt the referendum’s chances of passing more so than two licenses.”

A legislative source eschewed the idea as madness, as both sides head toward Monday when Sweeney and Prieto plan to post their respective bills for consideration by their respective legislative chambers.


  Source: the Only Way to Break the Casinos Impasse