‘Very Likely’ DiGaetano Will Pursue BCRO Chairmanship

Paul DiGaetano is considering running for BCRO chairman.
Paul DiGaetano is considering running for BCRO chairman.

Wyckoff Mayor Kevin Rooney was the first to announce he would be challenging Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Bob Yudin for the position he has held for the past eight years. Now, it seems likely that former Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano may be the next to throw his hat in the ring for the position.

According to DiGaetano, he hopes that the BCRO “will go in another direction” during the mid-June convention and elect to unseat Yudin. DiGaetano said he has started to take steps to gauge whether or not he should try to become the BCRO’s new chairman.

“My name has been thrown about and there are people who have encouraged me to do so,” DiGaetano said. “I am weighing that. I am meeting with some of the leaders in the county and with county committee people to see what their thoughts are.”

While he has not made his choice official, DiGaetano said he is making a “deliberate effort” to determine if running for chairman is the right choice.

“It is not something that I am jumping in to but at this point if you ask me if it is likely or unlikely that I will run, I will tell you it is very likely that I will run,” DiGaetano said.

DiGaetano’s name has also been mentioned as a potential replacement for the LD40 Senate seat that Kevin O’Toole announced he would be vacating after his term ends in 2017. According to the former assemblyman, however, it is much too early to speculate on who will run for O’Toole’s seat because “anything can happen in two years” and he has seen cases where officials do not follow through on announcements like the one made by O’Toole.

“For now, there is no open seat,” DiGaetano said. ‘Very Likely’ DiGaetano Will Pursue BCRO Chairmanship