Why Ted Cruz is Better than Chris Christie on Homeland Security

I believe Donald Trump would also be extremely good for the nation on national security, however Ted Cruz has so far proven toDavid Larsen in DC - Full Resolution - cropped be a man of his word, even at substantial personal and political cost. His proven track record of saying what he will do, and doing what he said has earned my respect and support. His stance on national security is much in the line of our late great President Ronald Reagan, which I am a staunch admirer of.
He firmly believes what Pres. Reagan demonstrated; “Peace thru strength.” He has also sponsored and supported numerous legislation to protect Americans and our Allies.
Given his track record, there is no reason why I should believe differently when he states; “ISIS seeks to destroy our very way of life. We must defeat them. That starts by calling the enemy by its name – radical Islamic terrorism – and securing the border. Border security is national security.”
I believe this to be fact. Unfortunately over the past few years, according to the Pew Research Center, illegal immigration rose over 16% in NJ from 2009-2012. NJ has approx. 400,000 illegal immigrants that make up approx. 8% of our work force, NJ is listed as the 4th highest in the nation!
Border security, contrary to popular belief, is not just the contiguous border lines of individual states dividing the US from other countries, but also the border lines within the US dividing each individual state. We have other identified access to illegal entry, all states have airports and many have ports. These are also vulnerable points of entry. The Customs and Border Agents have an acronym for illegals, EWI, Entering Without Inspection.
EWI’s are considered a potential hazard because of the possibility of infectious diseases, smuggling contraband, terrorist intentions and so on. Also the cost to the American worker and tax payer is in the billions of dollars each year and growing, which is also a national security issue in respects to our budget and American jobs.
Because of all the political rhetoric, political wrangling, political correctness of unwilling to profile, our elected officials have not sufficiently protected the citizens of the United States. Our Representatives in government are there to protect and serve its citizens, but Americans first, not illegals from other countries, and unfortunately, many of them come here with evil intentions.
NJ along with all the other States has the Constitutional 10th Amend. to employee, especially when the Federal Government is not doing their job. Unfortunately many Governors do not wish to exercise that Right, probably because of the withholding of Federal funding that will accompany that decision.
If the good people of the NJ 7th Congressional District decide to allow me to Represent them in DC, I will be a champion of securing our borders and making America not only safe, but also respected and admired world wide and a place of economic opportunity. For more information on the issues they can visit my website at DavidLarsenforCongress.com.
David Larsen of Tewksbury is a Republican candidate for Congress in the 7th District.
Why Ted Cruz is Better than Chris Christie on Homeland Security