Wisniewski: “I Support Donald Norcross for Congress”

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After endorsing for senator Bernie Sanders, the independent progressive whose grassroots campaign has proved competitive with establishment Democrat Hillary Clinton, Assemblyman and 2017 gubernatorial candidate John Wisniewski (D-19) told PolitickerNJ that his endorsement is not a sign he will stray from the party in any other 2016 race.

The only other New Jersey candidate elected office to endorse Sanders had been newcomer Alex Law, who has been running an upstart grassroots campaign of his own against Democratic U.S. Representative Donald Norcross in the first district. Wisniewski said Tuesday that the Sanders connection did not automatically equate to an endorsement for Law, but laid out his explicit support for Norcross Wednesday afternoon.

“I support Donald Norcross for congress,” said Wisniewski. “When I was state chairman he was a Democratic National Committee member, so I had the opportunity to serve with him in a political capacity. So, certainly, he’s a friend.

“My support for Bernie Sanders is my support for Bernie Sanders. Everybody else, I wish them well.”


Wisniewski: “I Support Donald Norcross for Congress”