A Recent History of the Most Painful Moments in Prez Politics

10. George Herbert Walker Bush looking at his watch onstage at the town hall debate forum with Bill Clinton in 1992. As his campaign flailed at the narrative that he was aloof and out-of-touch in the face of the folksy Arkansan, the patrician president appeared bored and disinterested while regular Americans stepped forward with their questions;

9. Mike Dukakis riding in a tank like a bobble-headed Smurf in a dreadfully misfired effort to look tough during the 1988 general election campaign against Bush;

8. Al Gore‘s first 2000 presidential debate series of audible supercilious sighs in the face of George W. Bush’s anemic performance, a tactic that ensured Gore fumbling away his advantage;

7. During the 1988 vice-presidential debate, Dan Quayle‘s choked reaction to the late Lloyd Bentsen’s Jack Kennedy put-down;

6. The late Teddy Kennedy‘s garbled, all but hostage tape response to Roger Mudd’s 1979 direct question about why he wanted to be president;

5. John Kerry‘s infamous 2004 “I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it” quote, vocalized as the candidate vainly tried to untangle himself from his “aye” vote on the Iraq War Resolution;

4. Poet/intellectual Eugene McCarthy puzzling publicly in Chicago about what he was doing in the 1968 presidential race as annoyed supporters wrung their hands to try to get the Democratic senator from Minnesota to actually appear energized about running;

3. Already looking out of it, independent VP candidate Admiral James Stockdale confessing to turning off his hearing aid during the debate with Al Gore and Dan Quayle in 1992;

2. Rich Massachusetts guy Mitt Romney‘s 2012 flip phone camera caught flub about how 47% of the country was against him because its composed of people dependent on the government;

1.Stumbling out of Iowa into New Hampshire amid plummeting poll numbers, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush meekly pleading to “please clap” after failing to awaken a town hall crowd. A Recent History of the Most Painful Moments in Prez Politics