Are Birkins the New Engagement Ring?

A client customized a Birkin using Baghunter, a website selling collectable luxury handbags, to propose.

(Photo: Courtesy Baghunter).
The engagement Birkin in question may start a trend (Photo: Courtesy Baghunter).

Birkins have proven to be sound investment pieces, but giving one in place of a diamond ring seems a bit presumptuous. After all, a diamond matches everything, while a custom Birkin could clash with some outfits. It’s kind of like a Carrie Bradshaw move, only instead of hiding the diamond on a necklace, there’s no diamond at all. A man named David, as evidenced by the bag above, customized a Birkin using Baghunter, a website selling collectable luxury handbags, to propose to his girlfriend Michelle.

David used the company’s Bag Bespoke service to customize a rare Hermès Birkin, adding artwork including his name and the date of the proposal. Luckily, the girlfriend said yes, as there’s no way to regift a custom Birkin, as one could do with a diamond ring. In a world where “bespoke” is buzzing, it is highly original, albeit unconventional.

As diamonds lose their luster and depreciate in value, Birkins offer a safer investment and maintain their exclusivity. With diamonds up and Birkins down, it’s entirely possible alternative items will become the new engagement rings, although a neon bag might be more difficult to pass down to future generations. Let’s be honest, while Birkins may be safe bet, they don’t offer the same amount of ‘likes’ one could garner by posting a brand new diamond on Instagram.

Are Birkins the New Engagement Ring?