Bateman: Imminent Trump Endorsements ‘Not Out of the Question’

Kip Bateman

As the crowded Republican primary field continues to winnow down, Governor Chris Christie asked his caucus to tread carefully as he considers his choice of an endorsement. Senator Kip Bateman (R-16) said that he wouldn’t rule out an official Christie endorsement for Donald Trump within the next two weeks. 

“He’s certainly building up a lot of momentum,” Bateman said of Trump’s win in South Carolina over the weekend. “It’s definitely not out of the question.”

Christie requested in a conference call last week that legislators and county chairmen hold off on making official endorsements until he has decided on a candidate himself. With Christie’s savage attacks on Senator Marco Rubio during the final Republican debate in New Hampshire, Trump could be the obvious choice if Christie thinks he has permanently burned that bridge.

As for Bateman himself, he said that he will hold off on an endorsement until word drops from the governor.

“I had endorsed Governor Christie, so now I have to pick who I’m going to endorse. It looks like, unless he gets tripped up, he’s got a lot of momentum toward Super Tuesday. It’s going to be interesting,” he said. “He of all people should know, he’s dealt with all these individuals. His guidance in this area would probably be beneficial or helpful for certain.”

So far, Trump has only secured the full-throated support of two New Jersey Republicans: Senators Mike Doherty (R-23) and Joe Pennachio (R-26). Bateman: Imminent Trump Endorsements ‘Not Out of the Question’