Beck Wants to See a Kasich-Rubio GOP Ticket

TRENTON – PolitickerNJ today caught up with state Senator Jen Beck (R-11) and asked her who she supports for president in thebeck aftermath of Gov. Chris Christie exiting the national contest.

Beck said ideally among the candidates still left standing she favors a ticket composed of Ohio Governor John Kasich and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. “I like the idea of an elder statesman who has executive experience with a youthful running mate,”‘ said Beck. “You want to bridge the generation gap.

“I know [billionaire tycoon Donald] Trump has struck a chord with his directness,” the senator added. “I understand people’s frustration. But I just think that his erratic nature is not a good fit for the presidency.”

Beck said she likes Kasich over Rubio at the top of the ticket, but acknowledged that the coming contest still contains “a lot of twists and turns.”

Beck’s colleague, state Senator Diane Allen (R-7), told PolitickerNJ that she has not yet decided on a candidate.

“I thought Christie was going to win,” said the veteran senator from Burlington. “There was¬†nobody else I was backing. It’s too early right now. Let South Carolina happen. I’m not concerned about finding someone. We have some good candidates.” Beck Wants to See a Kasich-Rubio GOP Ticket