For a Wine Collector With Lofty Ambitions

A vast loft with more than enough room for a certain kind of collector

Now that's what we call exposed brick. (PHOTO: Courtesy Douglas Elliman)
Now that’s what we call exposed brick. (PHOTO: Courtesy Douglas Elliman)

Just about everyone loves a river view, but on the bright yet cold winter day the Observer visited 414 Washington Street, the heavy winds by the water were not Tribeca’s best attribute. Once safely inside the penthouse loft on the seventh floor of the Pearline Soap Factory, however, the views from the arched windows were far more appreciated.

Exposed brick walls, so neat they looked like wallpaper, were adorned with a number of Warhols and at least one Damien Hirst. Less inviting was a black cat perched on a living room chair. “The cat isn’t the friendliest,” Douglas Elliman broker James C. Flowers warned us, if the exposed claws hadn’t.

“The sellers renovated the whole thing,” said Mr. Flowers, who shares the $9.5 million listing with Raphael De Niro and Katherine Stroud. “Before, it was kind of Las Vegas…in an endearing way.”

“This is indicative of the old renovation,” Mr. Flowers added, opening the door to a sparkly red trash chute.

Lofty wine ambitions. (PHOTO: Courtesy Douglas Elliman)
Lofty wine ambitions. (PHOTO: Courtesy Douglas Elliman)

A bedroom with en-suite bath was done entirely in pink, with a surplus of toys and an enviable art collection. A nearly identical bedroom next door had the same customized details in blue, though sans bath.

The neutral-toned master suite boasted a chair that appeared to have been damaged by the irritable feline and a remote-controlled shower in the bathroom. “You can be in bed and turn it on and get it all steamy and ready for you,” said Mr. Flowers.

“There are lights inside the treads, they’re custom made—they function as an art piece, too,” he informed us as we traipsed upstairs to the 2,100-square-foot terrace. “It’s really beautiful in warm weather,” he said, lamenting the leftover slush.

The sellers are departing the 3,140-square-foot space because their kids “need some more running-around space,” though there’s one aspect of the home that might be more appealing to some.

“You have really fantastic wine storage,” Mr. Flowers noted as he showed us no less than three separate wine refrigerators in the kitchen, “so it’s really good for a wine collector.” For a Wine Collector With Lofty Ambitions