Kate Middleton Begins Her New Job Today

Her stylist should have no problem choosing her most professional outfit for the occasion.

Kate Middleton is guest editing The Huffington Post UK today (Photo: Kensington Palace).

2016 has barely started and Kate Middleton is already having a fantastic year. Not only did she avoid buying her royal hubby a gift for Valentine’s Day, she’s starting a brand new job…but it is only for the day. Still, she’ll have to have the palace’s kitchen pack her a fresh but filling lunch that isn’t a sad desk salad, and her stylist will most definitely help her choose her most professional ensemble. Luckily, the adorable Prince George is off to school, so he won’t miss her too much; because today, the Duchess of Cambridge is guest editing The Huffington Post UK.

The Duchess of Cambridge speaks with children featured in #YoungMindsMatter
The Duchess of Cambridge speaks with children featured in #YoungMindsMatter (Photo: Kensington Palace Instagram).

Yes, it’s official: the Duchess is officially a blogger now, but not the Carrie Bradshaw kind. Instead, she’s launching an incredibly important initiative. In her first post for the site, she explains why she supports #YoungMindsMatter, an initiative to end the stigma surrounding mental health problems children face. Her first post is emotional and forward-thinking.

The Duchess is kicking of #YoungMindsMatter
The Duchess kicking off #YoungMindsMatter (Photo: Kensington Palace Instagram).

The #YoungMindsMatter series will feature personal stories the Duchess commissioned for HuffPo. Her byline is “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge” if you want to stay up-to-date. Kensington Palace is also posting on Instagram (not outfits of the day) to show who she’s been speaking to for this important series. Kate Middleton Begins Her New Job Today