Murray: Bush and Kasich HQs Humming More than Christie’s Over the Weekend

patmurrPatrick Murray, Monmouth University pollster and political scientist, did a final poll of New Hampshire voters that didn’t include data related to that Saturday night debate stage horn-locking between Gov. Chris Christie and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, which featured Christie’s throw-down of the previously surging senator.

While he doesn’t have data to analyze post debate reaction ahead of today’s New Hampshire Primary, Murray said he suspects the event did significant damage to Rubio.

But he does not believe it will help Christie tonight when the final votes tally.

“[Former Florida Governor Jeb] Bush and [Ohio Governor John] Kasich have more people on the phones and more people out there interacting with voters,” Murray told PolitickerNJ, referring to the two other so-called establishment candidates not named Christie or Rubio.

Murray was in New Hampshire over the weekend and witnessed with his own eyes the contrasting energy levels in the candidates’ respective headquarters.

“Big difference,” Murray said. “Christie just doesn’t have enough money at this point,” but Kasich and Bush operations do have the resources for the final push through tonight.

A Republican source who spent time in Christieworld in New Hampshire this weekend confirmed that observation in a conversation with PolitickerNJ earlier today.

On Saturday and Sunday, PolitickerNJ observed a much larger sign presence for Bush and Kasich in western New Hampshire – between Keene and Manchester – than shown by the campaigns of either Rubio or Christie.

  Murray: Bush and Kasich HQs Humming More than Christie’s Over the Weekend