NYFW Preview: Inspiration From Jill Haber and WARM

Take a look at what will be on the runway today.

New York designers fill us in on what they have planned for the Fall/Winter 2016 season. Consider this your cheat sheet to the runway and check back each morning of Fashion Week for an up-to-date preview…

HANEY (Photo: Courtesy)
HANEY (Photo: Courtesy the Designer)

Mary Alice Haney, HANEY: “I was inspired by Mia Farrow in the early 1970s – she redefined what was sexy for that generation.”

Jill Haber (Photo: Courtesy)
Jill Haber (Photo: Courtesy the Designer)

Jill Haber: “This collection was inspired by the “Enchanted Forest” and the Strong modern-day maiden out there conquering the world.”


WARM (Photo: Tracy Feith)
WARM (Photo: Tracy Feith)
Big Sur Winter (Photo: Winnie Beattie)
Big Sur Winter (Photo: Winnie Beattie)

WARM: “Coastal California – especially Big Sur and the Canyons of LA – in Winter.  We wanted to make pieces that girls would have worn to dinner at Joni Mitchell’s Lauren Canyon house in January – cozy, textured chiffon dresses that are long and flowy, layered with blanket-like ponchos and capes.”

Haus Alkire Speckled Feather (Photo: Courtesy)
Haus Alkire Speckled Feather (Photo: Courtesy the Designer)

Haus Alkire: “We explored hybrids of birds and humans – which drew us to varieties of textures in anthropomorphic art.”

R13 (Photo: Courtesy)
R13 (Photo: Courtesy the Designer)

R13: “For its FW16 collection, R13 draws inspiration from iconic alternative acts such as Kurt Cobain and The Misfits, updating the staples of classic underground American sub-cultures with carefully-crafted fits and provocative proportions.”

Josie Natori (Photo: Courtesy)
Josie Natori (Photo: Courtesy the Designer)

Josie Natori: “As an ode to the artistry and craftsmanship of her native Philippines, Josie Natori weaves rich textures and intricate embellishments into a collection that is authentically Natori.”

Lulu Frost (Photo: Courtesy)
Lulu Frost (Photo: Courtesy)

Lisa Salzer, Lulu Frost: “My FW’16 Collection is entitled FREQUENCY and references the power of fluid lines, from those of my wire sculpture inspired by Cocteau’s sketch to the vibrations that transmit information around our universe. This little earring is a transmission beacon for good vibes.”

NYFW Preview: Inspiration From Jill Haber and WARM