O’Toole and Cardinale Endorse Yudin for BCRO Chairman


While some Bergen County Republicans are calling for current Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Bob Yudin to step down or not run for reelection, two Republican Senators from Bergen County have issued an endorsement for the embattled chairman. Senator Kevin O’Toole (R-40) and Senator Gerald Cardinale (R-39) have both decided to back Yudin for reelection.

The two senators issued a letter of support for Yudin to the county committee members.

The letter read: “As elected officials who have served our Party and our community since before Bob’s original election as Chairman, we can attest to the fact that his service has only strengthened our Party.”

“When Bob first took office as chairman, the BCRO faced crippling debt and had not won a major new election other than County Clerk in nearly a decade. Bob immediately took action to address those challenges and put our Party on a better path.”

In the letter, O’Toole and Cardinale go on to discuss how despite the fact that “Bergen County is not the Republican stronghold it once was,” Yudin has been beneficial. The two senators discuss $2.6 million in fundraising led by Yudin as well “tangible results” of his tenure including the election of Freeholders, Sheriff, County Executive and Governor.

Senator O’Toole will not be pursuing reelection after his term ends.

The endorsement comes at a critical time for the county chairman. Following Republican losses in the November elections, the chairman has been subject to criticism from some in his party who question his ability to lead the party. That doubt has lead Wyckoff Mayor Kevin Rooney and former Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano to challenge him for his position.

The election for BCRO chairman will be held in June. O’Toole and Cardinale Endorse Yudin for BCRO Chairman