‘Review,’ The Funniest Show No One Saw, to End After Season 3

Andy Daly as Forrest MacNeil in Review.
Andy Daly as Forrest MacNeil in Review. Comedy Central

I give this news…0 stars.

The Hollywood Reporter reports Comedy Central’s Review will end after an abbreviated–minimum three installments–third season. The decision is apparently a mutual decision between star Andy Daly and Comedy Central, as Mr. Daly is currently knee-deep in broadcast sitcom offers (as he should be).

Nonetheless, we’re still losing one of the funniest shows in a long damn time. Mr. Daly stars as Forrest MacNeil, the chipper TV host tasked with reviewing anything any everything on a scale of 1-5 stars–Starting a Cult, Developing a Drug Addiction, Being a Racist, among other things. Mr. Daly was perfectly unwavering as MacNeil, the “reviews” sent in somehow topped themselves in absurdity every week, and we never did get to find out whether the whole thing took place in purgatory. Review never found a solid audience, with average ratings in its second season dipping to 258,000 viewers.

With that said: “Pancakes, Divorce, Pancakes” is still one of the best half hours of comedy in years, the perfect example of the show’s premise and tone, and you should stop right in the middle of this work day and watch it in its entirety.

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