‘The Challenge: Bloodlines’ Episode 11 Recap: Tear Down This Wall

A toast to the final four on The Challenge.
A toast to the final four on The Challenge. Via MTV

Last episode before the Final, can you believe it!?! People on The Challenge are always like “getting out right before the Final is the worst place to get eliminated.” The thought process is that it doesn’t matter if you get out first or come in fourth place because you don’t get any money. I don’t agree with that. It is clearly the worst to be the first out. Because if you’re going on television to compete I have to assume that part of your goal aside from winning is being on television for as long as you can be. So by getting out on the second-to-last episode, you’ve already gotten that good prime time burn. The longer you stay on tv, the more likely you are to score those choice Chaperoning Spring Break gigs. So while you may not get your hands on prize money, you’re still better off. This is one of those reality tv show cliches that always pop up. Like when you put someone up for elimination and they say “they’re just jealous, that’s why they put me up.” But like no, the reason you got put up is because you’re playing a game in which the way you win is to get other people out.

The final four teams head to Berlin for the last challenge before the final. Shout out to The Challenge producer who pointed out the Berlin Wall to the group while they were driving through the city. Imagine you’re in Berlin, right? And you’re driving through it. And there is a wall that like 70 miles long. And you need someone on the bus to be like, “hey look the Berlin wall.” I mean it’s fine because Jenna, who I am rooting hard for, doesn’t know where Berlin is in the world at all.

Aneesa and her cousin are not getting along. Rihanna hasn’t been getting any screen time at all—this is another benefit of making it to the end, we haven’t seen Rianna in weeks and now just because she is still there, we get a whole episode surrounding her. The reason Rianna and Aneesa aren’t getting along? It’s because they don’t know each other. Literally. Even though this is Challenge Bloodlines and they are related, they’ve never spent time with one another. I get you don’t always know all your cousins but then why bring the stranger on tv with you? Rihanna said she dropped out of her whole life—she’s in corporate fashion merchandising which I think means she sells those shirts with Mr. Clean and Mr. Peanut to Hot Topic? I don’t know. Even MTV was baffled by this team-up.


Clearly there are other potential contestants who actually know the relative they would have brought with. I guess it adds another layer to the game. I hope next season is Challenge Strangers where everyone brings someone they just met off the street. See me wandering around the streets of Boston to get picked by CT.

The challenge this week was super neato. Everyone had to start out on the back of a flatbed truck and run an obstacle course by jumping from car to car while they were moving. The whole thing was all rigged up so this mass of vehicles were all driving alongside of each other. TJ said if you fell off “you were gonna get owned.” Who was driving all these cars? It looked like a stunt team from Fury Road the way it was all set up. Shout out to those drivers. You made it look good. Cory and Cousin Mitchy Budinger tore through the course and won. Aneesa and Rianna, who are actual strangers, lost. Cory and Mitch got put on the spot and had to send someone into the elimination right then and there. Since Cara and Jamie are a big threat, they had to go in.

That night at The Pearl, a Berlin club, Cara was mad because she had to go into elimination and people were smoking in a German club, and she didn’t want her hair to smell so her and Jamie went to sit on the bus. Aneesa had enough of Cara and they got into on the ride home. Aneesa called out Cara for hooking up with one of those twins early in the season and lying to Abe about it. But also, Aneesa called out Cara for her fake accent, which I pointed out last week. It only comes out when Cara is around her cousin Jamie, who has the good real Boston accent. Aneesa’s correction of “you’re from Massachusetts” when Cara said she’s from Boston was some solid low-key shade. Cara made a few remarks about Aneesa’s dancing. Both sides got pretty amped up. Which was a good thing because they were going into The Pit to fight it out.

The elimination was surprisingly more one-sided than I would’ve hoped. They were playing that tug of war game where you have to rip the rope out of the other person’s hand twice. Aneesa destroyed this in the Duel I. She’s also bigger than Cara so she had the advantage. But Cara is scrappy and she managed to pull out a win. The Final 3 is set. Cory and Mitch, Jenna and Brianna, and Cara and Jamie. No matter what, someone who has never won a final before is about to become a champion. Can’t wait.

‘The Challenge: Bloodlines’ Episode 11 Recap: Tear Down This Wall