What Happens When Alexander Wang Goes to Church?

Let's just say it's a sacrilegious experience.

A holy moment from Alexander Wang

A holy moment from Alexander Wang (Photo: Getty Images).

When Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Solange, and Taraji P. Henson are perched in the front row of a fashion show, one might assume that the swarm of paparazzi following them will be the most exciting facet of the event. But that wasn’t the case for Alexander Wang’s Fall runway.

First of all, the venue was St. Bartholomew’s Church, located on the corner of buttoned up and conservative, in Midtown. Yes, fashion’s bad boy was showing ripped skirts and bare midriffs in a holy building. The irony of the situation was lost on no one. Rather, it was one of those rebellious juxtapositions that the fashion flock thrives on.

Sheer shirts and stripper pants

Sheer shirts and stripper pants (Photo: Getty Images).

For example, tweedy suits (which are often commonplace at this place of worship) were decorated with leather details and paired with combat boots. Sheer shirts were given a shred of coverage thanks to the words “Strict” and “Faded” splashed across the chest. Pink chinos, the type often found in Cape Cod, were updated à la Alexander Wang with tiny embroidered stripper poles. Marijuana leaves were sprinkled throughout, too.

The black booties of the evening

The black booties of the evening (Photo: Getty Images).

The designer’s strong suit has always been in accessories and he didn’t let his fans down this season. Black booties with oversized silver studs caught the lenses of iPhones in the front row and will doubtlessly become highly sought-after when they hit store shelves. Same goes for the teeny bucket bags in pink and white leather and the mohair beanies with “Tender” embroidered on the forehead.

In a surprise to no one, the hair and makeup was made to look like the models were up all night partying–and forgot to wash their face. Faded brown eye shadow from NARS added to the look, which was finished off with a swipe of lip balm.

Mr. Wang's ode to marijuana

Mr. Wang’s ode to marijuana (Photo: Getty Images).

Individuality was woven into each hairstyle; hair guru Guido Palau wanted to each girl and boy to feel like themselves in the finished look. The blonde catwalker Katie Moore received an impromptu chop and color, resulting in an electric orange bob with a miniscule fringe.

Now that the designer isn’t splitting his time between New York and Paris for his former gig at the helm of Balenciaga, it’s clear he can channel more focus and energy into his synonymous label. Following his 10th anniversary collection this past September, Mr. Wang’s fall range seemed much more focused and cohesive. At last, the party boy is back in town!

What Happens When Alexander Wang Goes to Church?