17 Ridiculous Things People Are Blaming Obama for on Twitter

Thanks Obama.

Thanks Obama. (Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

As the 2016 presidential race heats up and President Obama’s tenure as POTUS winds down, it’s only natural we reflect on his presidency.

Twitter has been doing plenty of that today since the hashtag #LetsBlamePOTUSForThisToo began trending this afternoon. Many people—who are very clearly not Obama supporters—have taken the opportunity to criticize the president and the initiatives he’s taken during office. The majority of users, however, have cranked up the sarcasm to mock those who blame President Obama for everything. Here are 17 problems Twitter users say are clearly Obama’s fault:

1. The lack of proper grammar

2. Snack problems

3. And more snack problems

4. Lost keys

5. RIP Pluto [crying emoji]

Even though this happened when George W. Bush was president.

6. The most famous Super Bowl moment

This too happened under the tenure of his predecessor.

7. Puppymonkeybaby

8. Failure to adhere to gym etiquette

9. And of course, failure to adhere to office lunchroom etiquette

10. This vicious lie

11. Our biggest Twitter complaint, obviously

12. Pulp

13. This complete lack of common sense

14. Writer’s block

15. Bratty cats

16. Cats being stupid

17. No sex


17 Ridiculous Things People Are Blaming Obama for on Twitter