AG: OMNIA Doesn’t Violate State Law

Acting state Attorney General Robert Lougy today said the OMNIA Health Plans from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey did not violate New Jersey State Law.

To read the letter, hit the link below.


Steven M. Goldman, lead attorney for 17 tier 2 hospitals challenging DOBI’s decision to approve Horizon’s OMNIA network, isued a rejoinder.
“The Acting Attorney General’s letter is not surprising,” Goldman said. “We continue to believe that DOBI has not fulfilled its responsibility to take into account the public interest in its review of the OMNIA plan, nor do we believe that the plan has met DOBI’s network adequacy requirements.  If OMNIA is allowed to continue, New Jersey’s healthcare system — including patients, doctors, and hospitals — will be adversely affected.   We remain confident that the decision to approve the plan will be reversed in the judicial process.”

Sister Patricia Codey, Esq. Executive Director of Catholic HealthCare Partnership of NJ, likewise issued a statement in response to the AG’s letter.
“We’re disappointed in the Administration’s complete lack of oversight of this network crafted in secrecy by the state’s largest insurer,” Codey said. “Moreover, the OMNIA plan is discriminatory as it excludes the majority of Catholic hospitals and many of those facilities that treat of our state’s urban and under-served communities.  We are working with the Legislature to address the serious access-to-care issues involved with OMNIA, ensuring transparency and fairness for all New Jersey healthcare providers and patients.”
AG: OMNIA Doesn’t Violate State Law