Aloha Makes Wellness On-the-Go Possible

"I created ALOHA because I wanted to make living a healthy lifestyle more accessible to everyone."

Aloha’s sleep tea (Photo: Aloha Instagram).

Constantin Bisanz founded the nutrition brand ALOHA in 2014; previously, the serial entrepreneur started his first company at age 14. His last company, Brands4Friends, Germany’s largest private fashion sales club, was acquired by eBay for $220 million. Now, Mr. Bisanz is focused on his latest endeavor, where he introduces healthy eating to the masses, proving a dose of greens can be consumed on-the-go, without the requirement of owning a juicer. Aloha’s products are ideal for world travelers who want the nutrition they’re used to, even while they’re in a remote country.

Aloha began because Mr. Bisanz was frustrated with how difficult it was to maintain a healthy lifestyle in New York. (After all, in 2014, juice bars had yet to line every block like Starbucks or Duane Reade.) After spending two years traveling and studying Ayurveda, Mr. Bisanz created Aloha. At Aloha, employees participate in team yoga and in-office meditation. There are even juice bars on the premises, allowing his company to be truly wellness-obsessed.

Constance Bisanz (Photo: Courtesy Aloha).

Some of the brand’s most popular products are their plant-based protein powder, their themed teas, and Daily Good Greens, a powder that provides fruits and vegetable servings without the work of buying fresh and chopping. For those who aren’t sure about the benefits of b0ne broth and can’t stomach a chard-based green drink, Aloha offers a D.I.Y., easy way to introduce healthy ingredients into your daily life.

The Aloha coconut powder adds a kick of natural sweetness to water immediately. The teas are all bright and flavorful, although with names like Smart or Beauty, it’s unknown whether these blends will lead to those exact results. The protein bars promise to taste like fudge brownies and chocolate chips, but in the end, they taste like…well, protein bars. Unfortunately, as of yet, no brand has been able to create a bar that tastes like chocolate, but offers pure energy, instead of empty calories.

The trail mix is tart and flavorful (Photo: Aloha Instagram).

Mr. Bisanz is a wellness aficionado who meditates twice a day and sings the praises of yoga. “I am a firm believer that your top priority should be taking care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually,” he told Observer. “In whatever field you’re in, hours at work can get long and stress is inevitable. Yoga is such a treat for your body,” he added. 

Mr. Bisanz said, “I created ALOHA because I wanted to make living a healthy lifestyle more accessible to everyone. There were too many products on the market that either lacked in quality or had conflicting messages about the actual nutritional value they offered.” If you’re still wary when it comes to the latest wellness craze, healthy trail mix and coconut water are an easy, accessible way to get started. Aloha Makes Wellness On-the-Go Possible