Bergen Senator Seeks Gun Carry Permits for Judges and Legislators

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Veteran Senator Gerald Cardinale (R-39) wants New Jersey to allow legislators, as well as judges at the superior and municipal court levels, to obtain permits to carry handguns provided they complete at least eight hours of firearm safety training.

“Judges and legislators face a greater risk of falling victim to violent attacks, simply because of their easily identifiable position in public life,” Cardinale said. “This measure will ensure that public servants have the means to protect themselves from those who might violently disagree with their viewpoints or decisions. A judge should feel safe returning home each night no matter how they ruled or what they ruled on that day.”

Cardinale said the shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and the recent wounding of a Texas judge prompted him to step up  S-1982.

In order to obtain a permit to carry a handgun under current New Jersey law, an applicant must show a “justifiable need” for self-protection, as evidenced by specific threats or previous attacks. He or she also must show that the danger to their life cannot be avoided by any means other than to carry a handgun. Under the current process, it’s virtually impossible to get a carry permit in New Jersey.

“The state’s current laws  prevent only responsible citizens from having the ability to arm themselves for self protection,” Cardinale said. “Our laws do not protect us they merely give criminals an advantage by failing to keep guns away from terrorists and dangerous criminals. We need to have sensible regulations concerning firearms, aimed at protecting us rather than ideological  laws that only create an environment that emboldens criminals, terrorists and others with evil intent”

Under the senator’s bill, legislators and judges will be exempt from the “justifiable need” requirement. Instead, they will only have to show they completed at least eight hours of firearm safety training and do not have any disabilities that would exclude them under current law.

“I believe that if vulnerable public officials do not have to fear violent reprisals related to their duties, they will be able to better carry out their mission to serve the people of New Jersey,” Cardinale said. “Our dedicated public servants are some of our greatest resources, and we cannot afford to lose any to an assassin’s bullet.”

Bergen Senator Seeks Gun Carry Permits for Judges and Legislators