Christie Accuses Media of Having Protected Predecessor Corzine


Trying to get in front of calls for him to resign, the persistently nationally barnstorming Gov. Chris Christie today charged the media with protecting former Governor Jon Corzine when the Democrat was governor.

The dirty “little secret” was that Corzine spent most of his time in New York and outside New Jersey, and reporters knew about it, but refused to report it, Christie said today at his press conference, arguing that the media unfairly holds him to a separate standard.

In response to his long and finally failed prez campaign and the appearance of his having hit the reset button on an out-of-New Jersey schedule as a Donald Trump surrogate, reporters have buffaloed him, unlike the way they treated the Democrat who preceded him, the Republican suggested.

Not only the media this week but members of his own party urged Christie to consider giving up the governorship if he intends to continue to avidly hit the out-of-state trail .

Christie said he doesn’t intend to leave, and dismissed the Star-Ledger as a dying paper that seldom ever agrees with him. For the record, the Ledger did endorse his reelection in 2013.

Christie Accuses Media of Having Protected Predecessor Corzine