Christie Goes After ‘Hudson Boss’ Fulop at Monmouth Presser



At a press conference this afternoon at Monmouth Medical Center, Gov. Chris Christie denounced Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop as a political boss controlling an obstructionist Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32), who’s more concerned with playing politics than solving the fiscal troubles of Atlantic City, in the governor’s opinion.

“I’m not going to negotiate with two groups of Democrats,” Christie told reporters, indicating his preference for an Atlantic City intervention bill championed by Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) of which Prieto is wary.

“…Mr. Prieto wants to play public sector union politics for Hudson County political boss Steve Fulop,” said Christie decrying what he sees as too-generous to public sector worker measures favored by Prieto in his version of an AC takeover bill.

“[AC] Mayor [Don] Guardian can either work with us through the state takeover and PILOT bill… [or run out of money],” added the governor. “I am not opening the treasury of New Jersey to people who cannot manage their affairs properly. Either cooperate – along with Speaker Prieto – or the inevitable will occur.”

Bankruptcy, he noted.

Christie criticized Prieto for wanting to exempt public sector workers.

Prieto is allied with Fulop, a fledgling candidate to succeed Christie as governor.

Fulop’s arch rival in the developing 2017 Democratic Primary for governor is Sweeney.

At the press conference, Christie said New Jersey residents can expect to see evidence of heightened security here in the aftermath of terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

“I want to advise the people of the state, we have no intelligence to suggest a threat to our state or our region,” Christie told reporters. “As we sit here today, there is no intelligence of threats to our region.”.

The governor said he had two briefings this morning. “We feel very confident that we’re getting the most actionable intelligence,” he added. “The people of New Jersey should be prepared to see more visible security at transportation hubs.”

He described additional agents, and bomb detection canine patrols, including stepped-up activities by Amtrak.

A possible running mate for front-running GOP presidential contender Donald Trump, Christie slammed President Barack over the president’s trip to Cuba at this time.

“As the president stands with a communistic dictatorship… I don’t have a great degree of confidence that this president knows how to fight this fight,” Christie said of this morning’s ISIS attacks that left 34 dead and 170 people injure

Christie Goes After ‘Hudson Boss’ Fulop at Monmouth Presser