Christie on GOP’s Anti-Trump Movement

Christie endorsed Trump in late February.

NEWARK – Governor Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for president after his own departure from the presidential race. That endorsement caused controversy with many arguing that Christie’s decision to back Trump was fueled by his own political ambitions.

Last week, former presidential candidate Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney called a press conference to denounce Trump. He called him a “phony” and a “fraud” who makes “worthless promises.” While Romney had some harsh words against Trump, he didn’t mention which candidate he felt would be better suited for the Republican nomination. As of now, Romney has yet to endorse a non-Trump alternative.

According to Christie, moves like these by his fellow Republicans solve nothing.

“I think if you are a public figure you have the obligation to speak up for someone, not just against one,” Christie said. “I think the stop Trump movement will fail because all it is is against someone. When those folks decide to be for someone, then people can make an evaluation about who they are for, not just who they are against.”

Christie also offered advice to those like Romney who have yet to endorse a candidate despite denouncing Trump.

“If they want to be for one of the remaining candidates, do what I did: be for one of the remaining candidates,” Christie said. Christie on GOP’s Anti-Trump Movement