Doherty V. Wisniewski on the Lewandowski Case

Two lawyer-politicians on opposite sides of the political aisle broke apart the Corey Lewandowski battery charge for PolitickerNJ. Lewandowski is the campaign manager for Trump caught on video tugging on the arm of a Brietbart reporter.

That video can be seen here.

In one corner: state Senator Mike Doherty (R-23), point man for Donald Trump in New Jersey; and in the other, Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-19), the New Jersey state director for Bernie Sanders for President.
“Is Wiz gonna apologize for the Sanders’ supporters putting beat downs on Trump peeps?” asked Doherty, kidding, a reference to Sanders supporters crashing a Trump rally after a supporter of the real estate billionaire decked a protester.
Wisniewski was not amused.
“It’s a trypical Trump tactic to turn the issue around and distract from the issue at hand,” said the assemblyman.
Wisniewski observed the video of the Lewandowski incident and said it was battery. “Non-consensual touching is assault,” said the Sanders backer. “Shame on Corey Lewandowski and the Trump campaign for allowing this to go unpunished.
“You’re not supposed to do that,” Wisniewski added.  “Now, what are the consequences? In the scheme of things, they’re somewhere below a shot to the jaw but it still fits within the definition of an assault. Corey Lewandowski did something wrong and should own up to it.”
The assemblyman said that Trump, instead of defending Lewandowski and demonizing the reporter, should pay up.
“He has it within his power to make it right,” Wisniewski said.

Doherty didn’t deny that Lewandowski behaved inappropriately but insisted on some context.

“In hindsight, in a perfect word, Tump’s campaign manager shouldn’t have touched that girl,” the senator said, “but in the hustle bustle world of politics, does that stuff happen?”

Yes, he said.

It happens a lot, Doherty noted, such as when MSNBC news personality Chris Matthews pushed away a close quarters trickster – and no one complains. Because it’s Trump and the Trump campaign, a different standard exists, he argues – and it’s unfair.

“In my entire life of serving in politics I’ve never seen a candidate so under attack from all sides,” Doherty said. “So many people are on high alert that they have to take this guy out. The two parties are very close to each other on trade agreements, on open borders, on nation-building in the Middle East. It was supposed to be Hillary [Clinton] versus Jeb [Bush]. The understanding was that Jeb would fight by gentleman’s rules and take another drubbing.

“Trump blew that all up,” Doherty added. “The result backlash from all sides is unprecedented, not only from Democrats but his own party. Chris Matthews pushed a guy and everyone laughed. Clinton’s aide Huma [Abedin] pushed somebody. They laughed. But in the hustle and bustle of a campaign and a reporter pushes through secret service protection, is told to get out of there, and she touches Trump, and all hell breaks loose.”

Doherty said the secret service should have intervened. Lewandowski shouldn’t have been there.

“The bottom line is this is not business as usual,” Doherty said. “The Republican Party haas sold us out.”

  Doherty V. Wisniewski on the Lewandowski Case