Jon Snow Is Still a Corpse in Official ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer (Video)


HBO released an official trailer for Game of Thrones season six today, and it includes a very important Jon Snow update: He’s still dead. Womp womp. Wait, there’s one more shot of him toward the en–nope, still a corpse.

What are all our other favorite (still living) characters up to?

  • Cersei is about to go to war with the Sparrows alongside her totally-dead-maybe-Gregor-Clegane monster knight. Get hype.
  • Melisandre: “The great victory I saw in the flames. All of it was a lie.”
  • Ser Jorah still looks mopey, the Boltons still look vaguely like vampires, and Sansa looks pretty alive for someone we last saw leaping off a castle.
  • Not Jon Snow, though. That dude is dead.
  • Bran comes face to face with…the Night’s King? Well, Bran is also standing on two working legs, so that’s most likely a vision.
  • A ship bearing the sigil of House Martell floats toward Kings Landing, and everyone on board is probably just thrilled both Loras and Margaery are sitting in cells. (UPDATE: After about 50 more plays I see that is a Dornish sigil, not Martell, which is most likely Jaime coming home. And I’m sure he’s just thrilled his niece/daughter was just poisoned)
  • Tyrion: “You’re in the great game now. And the great game is terrifying.”

Ain’t that the truth. Jon Snow Is Still a Corpse in Official ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer (Video)