Murphy Commercial Slams Christie for Lead Handling in NJ

Murphy shaking hands before an event in Atlantic City.

Because of the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the issue of lead contamination in children has jumped to the front of American consciousness. New Way for New Jersey—an organization founded by 2017 Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Phil Murphy—has launched a commercial attacking Governor Chris Christie for vetoing funding for a program that would remove lead paint.

There are 11 cities in New Jersey that have more children with dangerous lead levels than Flint. While Flint’s contamination mainly stems from the water supply’s contamination, New Jersey’s problem stems from lead paint found in older homes, particularly in disadvantaged areas.

“It is unconscionable that children in one of our nation’s wealthiest states are suffering from lead poisoning, and our governor refuses to act,” said Murphy in a statement. “Protecting our society’s most vulnerable is the most important job any governor can have, and yet, Governor Christie has abdicated responsibility for this critical problem, and so many others. If this governor won’t do his job, he should step aside and allow someone else to take charge. New Jersey taxpayers are paying him to be on the job everyday, and part-time just won’t cut it.”

The commercial, which Murphy narrates, is the former ambassador’s most recent attempt to differentiate his potential role as governor from Christie’s take on the job. Recently, his organization launched a petition calling for Christie to resign that has garnered over 19,000 signatures.

Watch the commercial here.

Murphy Commercial Slams Christie for Lead Handling in NJ