Prince Harry’s Nepal Trip Featured Babies, Dogs and Philanthropic Pursuits

When he wasn't meeting with families and surveying damage, Prince Harry visited the Golden Temple, hiked and celebrated Holi.

kensingtonroyalPrince Harry took a number of photos and videos during his official tour of Nepal. He is now working with Team Rubicon helping a community to reconstruct a school damaged in last year's earthquake. He wanted to share some of his favourite photos from Leorani village in west Nepal, where he stayed overnight with a local family. For a couple of these he has provided captions in his own words....this one, though, speaks for itself! Hope you enjoy his photos - thanks for all the lovely comments over the last few days.
Prince Harry is helping to reconstruct a school damaged in last year’s earthquake

Prince Harry is living his best life on vacation. Not only is he aiding efforts to heal Nepal following last year’s massive earthquake, he’s on a roll with the spring break worthy Instagram posts. The formerly wayward prince is giving back by meeting with families, babies and even dogs. It’s like a college student’s Habitat for Humanity trip, only far more publicized than the occasional Facebook post; he may be philanthropic, but it’s still spring break.

Prince Harry celebrates Holi, the ancient Hindu religious festival in Nepal, also known as the festival of colours...for obvious reasons. #HarryInNepal
Prince Harry celebrates the festival of colors

Prince Harry kicked off his visit with a traditional Namaste welcome hosted by the government of Nepal in Kathmandu. On Instagram, Kensington Palace issued Prince Harry’s statement. “I know that I arrive in Nepal as you approach the first anniversary of the earthquakes that took so many lives. I pay my respects to those who perished and hope to do what I can to shine a spotlight on the reserve and resilience of the Nepali people. I want to show all those around the world who want to help that this country is open for business. I can’t wait to get out there and see all this country has to offer,” Prince Harry said. Like his mother, Prince Harry is becoming known for his charitable pursuits; in fact, he may pursue them full-time instead of heading to law school.

Prince Harry hiking near a remote village
Prince Harry hiking near a remote village

When he wasn’t meeting with families, Prince Harry visited the Golden Temple in Kathmandu, tried the local cuisine, hiked in the Himalayas and celebrated Holi. The trip hasn’t been all fun and Instagram picture-ready. Prince Harry visited Byasi Earthquake camp in Nepal, and was shown the site by the chairman of the management committee, who’s only 15 and has lived with 250 people in the temporary camp for almost a year. He also took part in a remembrance ceremony and flew over the mountains during his trek. Prince Harry’s Nepal Trip Featured Babies, Dogs and Philanthropic Pursuits