‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Episode 7 Recap: ‘The Delaware of Fun Places to Go’

The ladies of Real Housewives of the Potomac on some sort of Maryland Marti Gras or something.
The ladies of Real Housewives of the Potomac on some sort of Maryland Marti Gras or something. Bravo

Imagine being magically whisked away to Delaware. I know the ladies of Potomac aren’t actually in Delaware but it feels like they are right now. Ashley’s beach house is the Delaware of fun places to go, as in it’s not one. Sorry Joe Biden. So just imagine you’re in Delaware.

We open back up where we left off, with some real talk about Robyn and Charrisse’s personal lives. They cry, I still wonder why they aren’t eating crab. Katie has nothing to contribute, Ashley is embarrassing. Things are par for the golf course that Karen frequents with Black Bill Gates.

But then, like a beacon of hope, the angel he sent to us, Gizelle Bryant, calls Katie out for her disgusting PDA and asks if she and Andrew were ON anything at Ashley’s birthday party (wink wink, drugs). Yeah, Gizelle, they were on something. My last nerve. Katie doesn’t know what to say but I sincerely hope she evaluates her life and choices. May we all have a Gizelle  to inspire us to take a good, hard look in the mirror. If anyone is looking for someone to fill that role in their life, I’d love to connect on LinkedIn.

The next day muggle Brynee decides to stir the pot some more by confronting Gizelle about her extremely founded concerns about Katie the night before. Brynee could maybe be a little less thirsty. Katie somehow brings up Gizelle’s sex life and gets very slut-shamey. She continues to be a huge bummer and just climbs into bed. That’s how I solve my problems too so she wins some points in my book there.

Brynee’s thirst grows and Karen adds fuel to the fire, as they goad Katie into trying to take on Gizelle. You don’t put Muhammed Ali and Michael Cera in a ring together, that’s all I’m saying. Good luck to you in that endeavor, Katie.

The good news is, the ladies are doing one of those Old West photo shoots like you do in Frontierland with your family in second grade and only later do you realize your outfit was most definitely that of a prostitute. Because that’s what you do at a beach house in not Delaware! You know what, I haven’t shy about my shady thoughts on Ashley but she does keep things weird and I appreciate that. I’d like to see more of that on other seasons. Call me when you get Vicky Gunvalson in a saloon girl outfit please.

Aw Katie, aw sweetie, aw honey tries to call out Gizelle after the photo shoot. Gizelle had no right! Gizelle nods because it’s just so cute! Aw Katie! This was a really quaint moment.

They ladies go to dinner and Katie continues to state that she and Andrew are practically engaged! Aw Katie, aw sweetie, aw honey. Soon we all find out who does and does not have a prenup because apparently that falls within the realms of etiquette. I still don’t understand etiquette at all. Ashley and Katie have a hilarious conversation about how they both love white Republican dudes so much but it’s a little annoying that they don’t understand racism at all whatsoever. Gizelle’s face clearly shows she has no patience for this.

We move on from any political conversation because it’s time to go to the hot new clubs of Delaware. They are just in Delaware, I believed and so it happened. The Secret. They end up going to a drag club and I am 100% in. I would really love a show centered around the drag queens working the Delaware scene. And who shows up at the Rehoboth Roller Rink but Ashley’s Trump-loving husband who can’t keep his Dockers on. Based on the ladies reactions this is so not etiquette!

They are all very upset that a man will be sleeping in their house during a girl’s trip, so clearly they’ve never spent a weekend in Cabo with Countess Luann. I am  Team “Don’t Be So Uncool” on this one. It’s always annoying when your friends’ significant others show up unannounced but it’s something you text an eyeroll emoji about under the table, not the cause for a large confrontation. Karen reacts like Ashley invited a drifter she met at Safeway to stay with them. Katie is dead inside so she doesn’t care, everyone else is somewhere in between.

Karen comes at Ashley and Michael, guns blazing. They are victims here. Has someone called the police? There’s a crime wave in The First State! Gizelle throws brilliant shade about the tiny accommodations, and the ladies depart Delaware.

I’m very worried about these ladies. Is there a support group for victims of when your friend invites her husband to the house that he owns when you’re also there?  I guess we’ll see!


‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Episode 7 Recap: ‘The Delaware of Fun Places to Go’