Social Download: Internet Reacts to ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Happy Valley’ and ‘The Americans’

The Punisher, in Lego relief.

The Punisher, in Lego relief.  Photo via blink_brick_customs/Instagrams

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The Americans’ fourth season premiered this week, and people seem to be digging the spy thriller more than ever.


Is there an Emmy for Best Wig?

Or worst environmentalism?

On Stryper conspiracy theories…

Daredevil’s second season dropped on Netflix this week. And immediately, the bingewatching began.

Never gonna say no to cat cosplay…

Or Lego cosplay, for that matter.

There’s been a steady build of buzz around the British show Happy Valley, the second season of which has just come to Netflix. Set in a rough town in Yorkshire, the show is about a female detective with a troubled past.

Sarah Lancashire plays the lead, and does it quite well.

If you’re looking for an easy watch, Happy Valley might not be the way to go. The title is ironic, you see.

Social Download: Internet Reacts to ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Happy Valley’ and ‘The Americans’