Social Download: Internet Responds to Viceland, ‘House of Cards,’ and O.J. Simpson

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Vice launched its new cable channel Viceland this week by premiering eight documentary-style shows with incendiary names like Balls Deep, Fuck That’s Delicious and Weediquette. Although a travel series called Gaycation is getting the most attention (likely because it’s co-hosted by Ellen Page) people are talking about all eight shows. One thing you can say for Vice is that they know their demo… because they basically created it.

But wait! Viceland isn’t just for young people. It’s also for hip parents!

The show pitches are coming in left and right.

Aaaaanyway, here’s a dog in a hat.

House of Cards’ new season dropped on Friday, and Twitter immediately launched into a binge-watching competition.

Well, this is cool…

But this might be even cooler…

Finally, the reason why Robin Wright has always seemed like royalty is revealed.

Agent Carter closed out its second season this week, and it’s unclear whether it will be renewed for a third. To combat disappointing ratings, rabid fans have taken to Twitter with a #RenewAgentCarter hashtag.

Seriously, ABC, how can you say no to this fan art?

Or this cosplay?

News broke on Friday that a knife found at OJ Simpson’s Rockingham estate will be treated by police as a potential murder weapon in the Nicole Brown/Ronald Goldman killing. And the press could not be better for The People V. O.J. Simpson.

No way this is just viral marketing, right?

And thus, a thousand Knife Truthers were born.

Social Download: Internet Responds to Viceland, ‘House of Cards,’ and O.J. Simpson