The Best Songs You Missed Last Week: Peter Bjorn and John, Tessa Rae, More

Last week, the world was trying to decide if Gwen Stefani’s latest track “Misery” was a hit or miss, but there were a ton of other songs that genuinely hit the spot. In this week’s roundup, we have new tracks from Lizzo, Tessa Rae, Peter Bjorn and John as well as Soft Lit and BRONCHO. This week in music was strong, so let it pump you up for the shows at SXSW this week.


Let’s try and forget that there’s another Barbershop movie coming out (can Hollywood please stop with the 1,000 sequels to everything?) because Lizzo’s latest song “Good As Hell” reveals the singer’s vocals at their most powerful and sunny. Fusing a gospel chorus with a pop melody, Lizzo once again proves she’s one to watch.

Tessa Rae

Young love is the theme of LA-based singer Tessa Rae’s latest single “Seventeen.” The dark, sultry song blends R&B with pop nostalgia. Her upcoming Two Worlds mixtape was produced by the team behind The Weeknd and The Neighbourhood, which makes us even more intrigued by Rae.

Peter Bjorn and John

It’s been five years since Peter Bjorn and John put an album out, so the fact that they returned with nonetheless a single akin to hit “Young Folks” is pretty exciting. The band’s new record will come out this June, and judging by how much whistling is happening in their first song, it looks like this album might pay homage to Writer’s Block.

Soft Lit

Soft Lit just hit us real hard with a galactic pop track that makes us think they’re the next Purity Ring. “U Up” is a futuristic jam with minimalistic electropop production that makes us want to get up and dance.


Oklahoma’s BRONCHO is back with the first song off their upcoming record Double Vanity, which shows the quartet moving in a  sexier, more shoe-gazey direction. If you’re thinking of your favorite 80s cult-movies while listening to “Fantasy Boys,” you’re not alone.

The Best Songs You Missed Last Week: Peter Bjorn and John, Tessa Rae, More