The Camden Return of Angel Fuentes

Freeholder candidates ask for details of Fuentes's hiring as Deputy Clerk

Dumped out of his Assembly seat as part of the rearranging of the 5th District, former state Assemblyman Angel Fuentes is back – or wants to be, at least, desire that takes on a special priority as a function of the local party machine.

Today, Fuentes – who’s pursing an at-large seat – received endorsements from state Assemblyman Arthur Barclay (D-5) and Camden City Council President Francisco “Frank” Moran.

“I can think of no stronger candidate to run citywide for Camden City Councilman than my friend Angel Fuentes,” said Barclay. “Angel knows City Hall inside out, outside in. His institutional knowledge of our City and the players is second to none. We need someone with Angel’s positive leadership skills during this exciting time in Camden’s resurgence.”

Moran added: “Angel is one of the biggest vote-getters in Camden because he lives and breathes our community. People know this familiar face from his many years of exemplary public service. I’m looking forward to having Angel back on City Council as Camden continues our rapid progress.”

The Democratic primary election will be held on Tuesday, June 7, 2016. The Camden Return of Angel Fuentes