These Clips From ‘The Wine Show’ Will Be the Most Delightful Part of Your Week

Starring Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode

Thank God it’s Friday, not because the weekend is here, but because ITV, whatever in the heck that is, has gifted us all with the latest clip from The Wine Show. What is The Wine Show? It’s the effing dream, man.

In  a nutshell, two very famous Matthews–Rhys from FX’s The Americans and Goode from recently-concluded Downton Abbey–host a show where they travel to locations that look too beautiful to be real and drink alcohol in an attempt to unlock the enigma that is wine. “Made all over the world,” Mr. Goode says of the drink in the trailer, “enjoyed by millions, but still mysterious to many.”

The glorious, glorious kicker is that both Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode–by their own admission–are incredibly unqualified to host a show about wine, which makes this the only show about wine you’ll ever need to watch. They’re not, like, rolling up their pant legs and stomping on grapes, or sticking their noses into three identical glasses and being like “Oh yeah, that’s the 1885.” They just show up, an ancient field-hand serves them a glass, and they giggle a ton. It premieres Spring 2016, but ITV releases a clip every Friday. Be warned though, the clips are basically NSFW because by the end your pants will be charmed off your body.

This week, Matthews Goode and Rhys show up clearly already four glasses deep and play with some wine accessories.

And honestly, if you don’t have a minute 40 to spare, this should give you the gist:


What does this have to do with wine? Does it matter? Do you care?  The answers, in order, are nothing, no, and gurgle gurgle *spills boxed wine on keyboard.*

Check back here for the rest of the clips. 

These Clips From ‘The Wine Show’ Will Be the Most Delightful Part of Your Week