What They’re Saying: NJ Surrogates Sound Off on Prez Politics

Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (Hillary Clinton)vainieri

The Backdrop: The Democratic front-runner for the presidency, Clinton suffered a stinging loss to Senator Bernie Sanders last night in Michigan.

“I don’t know what happened in Michigan. She may have lost but she’s still ahead in the math. I think she’s still on the path to victory. The sanders momentum is getting people out to vote, and that’s a good thing. I think they’re still analyzing how she lost. When you look at Bernie Sanders, he is more of a movement. He has young people energized on his promises of free college tuition. But once we energize the party and make the case for competency and experience, obviously I think she [Clinton] would be the best candidate and the next president. I still think Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have become like a movement, but they haven’t given any substantive facts about policy.”

mikedSenator Mike Doherty (Donald Trump)

The Backdrop: Trump won Mississippi and Michigan Tuesday night to add to his delegate lead as the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. But pundits and the GOP establishment continue to fear a Trump nomination.

“Guys like Bill Kristol are not real Republicans. They are parasites that ride the GOP to advance their own agenda [more war]. That’s why they attack Trump so hard. Like a flea, Kristol will jump to another warm body if the GOP withers away and dies.”


FernandoAlonsoAttorney Fernando Alonso (Marco Rubio)

The Backdrop:

Disappointed by Rubio’s showings in the last handful of primary states, the GOP establishment is falling away from Rubio and fixing on Ted Cruz as the last chance to trip up Trump.

On his way to a bash for Rubio in Harrison, Alonso refused to urge his candidate to bow out now in an acknowledgement of the GOP’s latest dump Trump strategy.

“We’re waiting to see what the results are on March 15th [Florida and Ohio].”

Gov. Chris Christie Addresses The Fort Lee George Washington Bridge ScandalAssemblyman John Wisniewski (Bernie Sanders)

The Backdrop: Sanders wowed politics watchers with his victory in Michigan last night, but buzz persists that his best shot at this point is for a slot on Hillary Clinton’s ticket as a VP choice.

“I’m not sure that’s why he’s running [for VP consideration]. Some folks have started suggesting that, but I’m convinced that’s not why Bernie Sanders is running for president. I think Bernie has a path to be the nominee. We saw it last night in Michigan. A week before Election Day, the main stream polls had him 20 points down in Michigan, but the fact is he has a message that resonates with voters. Exit polls show him being embraced by old and young, minorities and non-minorities. His message of economic hope resonates.”



Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (Ted Cruz)Carroll

The Backdrop: As the GOP prez candidate positioned in the number two position behind Trump, Cruz has enough delegates amassed to threaten the billionaire real estate tycoon over the course of the next stretch of primary states. But Republicans want the self-combusting Rubio to drop out and back the Texan to give Cruz more power in a mano-a-mano with The Donald.

Asked if Rubio should abort his campaign and back Cruz, Carroll offered the following:

“Yes, yes, yes. NOT, incidentally, to ‘stop’ Trump, but because Cruz is the best candidate with both a legitimate path to the nomination and a chance to defeat the Democratic-Socialist in November.”

What They’re Saying: NJ Surrogates Sound Off on Prez Politics