A Former Taxidermist Is Opening a Glossy New Salon in Tribeca

No animals were harmed in the making of this space.

Blackstones at The Roxy

Blackstones at The Roxy (Photo: Erik Ekroth).

Joey Silvestera’s first salon in the East Village, Blackstones, is beautifully cluttered with taxidermy and portraits of women in gilded frames. Now the hairdresser is opening his second space in Tribeca and, well, it looks nothing like that.

Housed in the back corner of The Roxy Hotel in Tribeca, the newest Blackstones is a vision of gleaming marble, arched mirrors and clean, white walls. Coming from Mr. Silvestera, who holds a taxidermy degree–in addition to being a certified cosmetologist–this is a bit of a surprise. But a welcome one, at that. His rough around the edges aesthetic is in place, thanks to vintage green hairdresser chairs and metal cabinetry throughout. In a press release, Mr. Silvestera described it as a “Parisian bathroom meets Blade Runner.”

Five Wits shampoo and conditioner

Five Wits shampoo and conditioner (Photo: Courtesy Blackstones).

Blackstones’ opening in The Roxy also coincides with a rebranding of Mr. Silvestera’s haircare brand, Five Wits. Transitioning from an apothecary-esque vibe to a cleaner, more refined aesthetic, the unisex products will still retain their signature formulas. Five Wits shampoo and conditioner will be carried in each room of The Roxy, in addition to bar soap, body wash and body lotion, which Mr. Silvestera has produced exclusively for the property.

Up next? Five Wits plans on introducing styling products to round out their offering. Until then, visit up Blackstones newest location for cut, color, blow-dry and a variety of treatments, including glossing and smoothing.

A Former Taxidermist Is Opening a Glossy New Salon in Tribeca