Christie: Kasich and Cruz’s Anti-Trump Collusion is ‘Stupid’


ENGLEWOOD – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a former 2016 candidate for the Republican nomination for president. Since his February departure from the race, Christie has jumped onto the Donald Trump bandwagon and is now one of his most high-profile supporters from the Republican Party.

In a field that originally contained 17 candidates vying for the nomination only two are left besides Trump: Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich. On Monday, those two candidates issued individual statements claiming that they would avoid campaigning in the same coming primary states. That move is likely an effort to block Trump from receiving the 1,237 delegates he needs to claim the GOP nomination.

According to Christie, that consorted effort is “stupid” and demonstrates that both campaigns are on their last legs.

“I just think it is stupid,” Christie said on Monday from behind a podium at Englewood Hospital. “This is why people hate politicians.”

According to Christie, the move demonstrates that Cruz and Kasich have “taken leave of their senses.”

“I think that is what has happened with this whole stop Trump movement… that it is not tethered to reality,” said Christie. The Governor also said that todays primaries in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware and Maryland would prove that Trump is “going to be the Republican nominee.”

Christie also said he believes that there is little path forward for Cruz and Kasich.

“I think they are done. This is like giving a blood transfusion to a corpse,” he said of the move to work in collusion.

The governor also invited both candidates to “join the club” of those who had dropped out of the race.

“Thirteen of us are waiting here for you,” he said. “Some of us are more realistic than others.”

The biggest prize today is Pennsylvania, a state with 71 delegates. Polls predict that Trump will come in first there, likely granting him 17 delegates. Republican voters also will vote for unpledged delegates that support their candidate of choice.

Trump currently has 845 delegates. Cruz has 559 delegates. Kasich has 148 delegates. Christie: Kasich and Cruz’s Anti-Trump Collusion is ‘Stupid’