H&M and Paypal Are Backing Ivyrevel, An Innovative Fashion Brand

This digital-only label is using algorithms to design clothes that customers actually want.

Introducing Ivyrevel

Introducing Ivyrevel (Photo: Courtesy Ivyrevel).

When a clothing brand promises to only offer product based on customer’s demands and desires, continually updating styles and silhouettes with the shopper in mind, our ears perk up. Especially when that brand is purely digital and offers only limited edition merchandise, like Ivyrevel.

Based in Stockholm, the recently launched label uses algorithms and in-depth data analysis to offer product that is actually desired by their customer base. But it’s not all numbers and stats; the label is in the process of creating a Fashion Tech Lab where experimentation with fabrics, wearable tech and even distribution will take place.

Clothing and accessories are offered by Ivyrevel

Clothing and accessories are offered by Ivyrevel (Photo: Courtesy Ivyrevel).

How does this focus translate into actual design? For the first season, available now, the Ivyrevel merch is very Balmain-esque. Actually, it’s more Balmain for H&M. There’s a leather jacket with heavy gold embroidery (priced at $899), strappy black and gold sandals (going for $109) and a quilted sweatshirt (a bargain at $67.90). With such a wide price range, it’s difficult to peg this label as luxury, but it appears to be elevated from H&M’s extremely affordable price point. Which is a good thing, as the Swedish retail giant is a major investor in Ivyrevel.

They will offer support in terms of production and strategy. Paypal is also involved in the burgeoning brand, as a partner and advisor in the fields they know best: payment and distribution.

A good go-to party dress

A good go-to party dress (Photo: Courtesy Ivyrevel).

“We are proud to be digital-only, breaking boundaries to create a new fashion heritage by merging fashion creativity with technological innovation,” said Ivyrevel co-founder Dejan Subosic in a statement. He is joined by fellow founders, Aleksandar Subosic, Kenza Zouiten and Gustav Springfeldt.

With such a distinct approach to design, one that is so closely aligned with today’s tech-focused environment, Ivyrevel is a space to watch. And, well, you can only watch it unfold on their website. H&M and Paypal Are Backing Ivyrevel, An Innovative Fashion Brand