New Makeup for an On-the-Go Lifestyle: trèStiQue

Makeup by tréStiQue

Makeup by tréStiQue tréStiQue

Launched by beauty vet Jennifer Kapahi, tréStiQue is a new makeup company that aims to simplify your morning beauty routine. The products are designed to be makeup and brush in one, can be switched out or refilled as necessary, and are finished with a customized magnetic seal that keeps the caps on even when you just toss it in your bag.

The makeup is great and the convenience is even better. But best of all: the shade names! Who doesn’t want to wear a little Tulum Nude or Marimoto Pink Pearl or Muscat Blanc?

So far the products are only available online, but I found their selfie shade match tool to work pretty well.

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New Makeup for an On-the-Go Lifestyle: trèStiQue