PolitickerNJ News Digest: April 18th

Christie has long built a reputation of being combative.
Christie has long built a reputation of being combative.

It’s Monday, the start of a new week in Trenton and time – once again – to look at last week’s winners and losers.

Winners and Losers: Week of the Timpone Nomination
A short time ago, PolitickerNJ left the TV studio at One Gateway Center and retired to a favorite cafe in the Ironbound to file this column on a week when ongoing political fights defined New Jersey politics.
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The Christie Connection and Guadagno’s Guv Chances
As Governor Chris Christie continues his charm offensive to make his way back into the hearts of New Jersey’s electorate, his Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno seems to be positioning herself for a 2017 gubernatorial run.
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Well Served by Commissioner Timpone, ELEC Will Carry on its Statutory Duties
Just last Monday, Governor Chris Christie nominated Walter F. (Wally) Timpone to the State Supreme Court.Mr. Timpone has been a Commissioner on the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) since his nomination and confirmation in 2010.
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State of the Takeover: as Fulop Does AC, Sweeney Shows First Signs of Relenting
The roiling Atlantic City takeover effort made its first mark on 2017’s gubernatorial race this week as Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) made dueling public appearances at each end of the state. Many Atlantic City and South Jersey voters made their first acquaintance with Fulop through the Hudson County Democrat’s tour of Atlantic City, during which he voiced his willingness to “kill it and kill it aggressively” if a plan to build a new casino in Jersey City seems likely to set it on a similar path of diminishing returns.
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New Billboards Attack Christie on Trump Endorsement
The Associated Press reports that new billboards asking for Governor Chris Christie to rescind his endorsement for Donald Trump have appeared in Bergen, Hudson and Mercer Counties. The billboards, which show Christie standing behind Trump and target the Republican presidential candidate’s anti-immigration positions, read “stand up to racism and bigotry, don’t stand behind it.”
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Mayor Baraka, Uber Works For Us
My name is Lorianna Ferrara. I have lived in Newark for the last five years. I am one of thousands of Newark residents who drives with Uber.
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Despite Sanders Support, Jacob Gets County Lines in CD7
Congressional District 7 Democratic Candidate Peter Jacob has made no secret of his support for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for the presidential election. However, due to a petition issue that kicked his fellow Democratic competitor Chris Faraone out of the race, Jacob’s name will now appear under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in all CD7 counties during the June 7 primary.
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Raising the speed limit to 65 mph has taken a deadly toll, experts say
If you fear getting run down on Routes 80 or 287 by an 80 mph lead foot, you might be as alarmed as the traffic safety researchers who published a study last week suggesting that national speed-limit policies have been hampering efforts to reduce overall road deaths.
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Newark mayor provides details on city’s deal with Uber
Newark’s mayor has released details on the tentative agreement he’s reached with ride-hailing company Uber to operate in New Jersey’s largest city.
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Women rally against Donald Trump in N.J. protest march
Linda McLeod was inspired by Eve Ensler to organize Saturday’s protest against Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.
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Christie Supreme Court nominee’s law firm donated big and reaped millions from N.J.
Gov. Chris Christie’s new nominee to the state Supreme Court isn’t just someone he described as a friend, but the product of a politically well-connected law firm that’s reaped millions of taxpayer dollars under the governor’s administration.
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Who made big donations to Menendez legal defense fund?
Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson and U.S. Sen. Cory Booker were on opposite sides of the debate over President Barack Obama’s Iran deal, but both were among those giving the maximum to U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez’s legal defense fund during the last three months.
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Assemblyman: A.C. families are depending on N.J. leaders to reach a deal
The current plight of Atlantic City has ripple effects that go far beyond the shores of the Southern New Jersey coastal community.
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N.J. Trump delegate: Women ‘not interested’ in politics
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is increasingly having trouble attracting female voters, and a New Jersey delegate for the tycoon has an intriguing theory about why.
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$500,000 houses on list of ‘affordable’ housing in N.J.
If you’re a low-income family looking to buy a home, the experts advising hundreds of New Jersey townships on their affordable housing obligations have a nice place in mind: a four-bedroom house on Long Beach Island for $700,000.
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In South Jersey political world, it’s all about ballot position
Camden County Clerk Joseph Ripa dipped his hand into a worn wooden box and slowly pulled out the names of five campaign slogans associated with the presidential, congressional, and county government candidates who will run together on slates in New Jersey’s June 7 primary.
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Christie’s legacy comes into focus over Atlantic City fight
Some of Gov. Chris Christie’s plans to shore up Atlantic City dating back to 2010 have worked but others have not. With less than two years left in office, he’s making a big push to change that.
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Atlantic City, New Jersey, paid its schools, but state disputes details
Atlantic City, New Jersey’s cash-strapped gambling hub, says it made part of its April payment to its school district due on Friday, but the state says the city is a full month behind.
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New Jersey billboards ask Gov. Christie to denounce Trump
Billboards calling on Republican Gov. Chris Christie to denounce Donald Trump are popping up across New Jersey.
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PolitickerNJ News Digest: April 18th