Reformation’s Eco-Friendly Perks Program Is Even Better Than Earth Day T-Shirts

Their latest eco-initiative brings regular shoppers major perks.

(Photo: Courtesy Reformation)
Reformation’s Earth Day initiative this year will give online shoppers perks (Photo: Courtesy Reformation)

Eco-conscious cool girl brand Reformation is ushering in Earth Day with an initiative far chicer than the panda-covered shirts you ordered in grade school to commemorate the holiday. Their latest initiative brings regular shoppers major perks…but for now, it’s only applicable to online purchases.

Reformation’s Earth Day collection. (Photo: Courtesy Reformation)

Last April, Reformation launched RefScale, a feature that showed customers the environmental impact of their purchases, highlighting everything from the facilities where the clothes were made, to the packaging and supplies and the transportation of the pieces. The scale measured the CO2, H2O and waste savings each garment produced. While they had a slight mishap with the social media campaign behind it, it was buzz-worthy enough to get eco-conscious ladies excited.

Reformation’s new personalized dashboard for customers. (Photo: Courtesy Reformation)

Now, the model-beloved brand is introducing one of their biggest eco-friendly initiatives yet with a personalized dashboard for each customer where they can track their own environmental savings for each crop top, floral dress and knit skirt purchase they make. Better yet, there will be a perks program for people who save the most based on the RefScale. And, of course, there will be very chic Earth Day t-shirts. Reformation’s Eco-Friendly Perks Program Is Even Better Than Earth Day T-Shirts