Social Download: Internet Reacts to ‘Archer,’ ‘The Path,’ and Sarah Paulson


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Archer came back this week for its seventh season. Despite utilizing one of their signature plot reboots, people seem to love the FX show as much as ever.

This quote is stolen from Woody Allen, right?

This seems to be an Archer pipe…

And here is sexy Lana.

So we’re not being unfair to those attracted to male cartoons…

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Sterling Archer: unlikely liberal spokesperson.

Wednesday saw the premiere of The Path starring Aaron Paul, Hugh Dancy, Michelle Monaghan. (It’s about a cult, bro.) So, what’s the verdict?

The verdict is that the verdict is not yet in. Half the internet seems to dig it.

And half is either confused or just plain not in favor.

And then there are people who really, really want to watch the show… but not enough to pay for Hulu.

The People V. O.J. Simpson continues to be the runaway fan favorite of the season. After this week’s episode, racist cop Mark Fuhrmann has become public enemy #1.

On the flip side, Sarah Paulson continues to steal the spotlight and salvage Marcia Clark’s reputation in the process.

Sadly, the show is soon coming to an end next week. And no one is dealing with that fact very well at all.

Social Download: Internet Reacts to ‘Archer,’ ‘The Path,’ and Sarah Paulson