Will These Fembot Fashions Inspire Met Gala Looks?

Technology and Fashion are the themes of this year's Met Gala. Female robots are a fashion designer’s dream. Perfect, hard proportions which may or may not be clothed in human flesh, pointy boobs and no need for Spanx. Will any of these movie star-bots inspire real life looks on Monday?


The female cast in a publicity still for 'The Stepford Wives', directed by Bryan Forbes, 1975. Left to right: Toni Reid, Carole Mallory, Tina Louise, Katharine Ross, Paula Prentiss, Barbara Rucker, Nanette Newman and Judith Baldwin.

The Stepford Wives (Photo: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Katharine Ross as Joanna at the end of Stepford Wives: Halter necks, cold shoulders, stripes. This could be the hottest looks from SS 2016. Joanna’s outfit is a gorgeous, simple 1975 confection of perfection. Yet sheer layers of feminine lace and fun, floaty skirts conceal the android tragedy beneath. This movie is more relevant than ever.


Scarlett Johansson, Under the Skin

Scarlett Johansson, Under the Skin (Photo: YouTube)

Black Widow

Black Widow Marvel

Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow: Once our favorite murdering fembot from Under the Skin steps across and gets into her biker gear for Black Widow, a thousand fashion moments are born. From Girl on a Motorcycle to Bardot and Blondie the allure of all-leather cannot be ignored. When it is clothing a female speed-freak ninja, the link here is technology folks, Black Widow doesn’t do it all with sheer athleticism – all the better.

Borg Queen, Star Trek

Borg Queen, Star Trek (Photo: YouTube)

The Borg Queen from Star Trek: Perhaps the luckiest fembot of them all and the one with the most outfits and in fact, bodies. Existing as a head on a wire, she was able to click her neck on to cloaked bodies of wisdom or black metal one-pieced foxes, at will. This is the ultimate fashion fan’s dream, a different body for each outfit.


Daryl Hannah holds a mutilated doll by the hair in a scene from the film 'Blade Runner', 1982. (Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images)

Daryl Hannah,  Blade Runner (Photo: Warner Brothers/Getty Images)

Pris, Blade Runner: Daryl Hannah was a punky pleasure bot whose outfits came straight out of a late 1970s nightclub in a less fashionable part of town. However, Ms. Hannah’s idiot boy-king hair style is the go-to for all fashion designers  stuck for runway inspiration and aiming to detract from dull clothing below. Ditto the punk make-up. Totally fashion forward.

Ava from Ex Machina

Alicia Vikander, Ex Machina (Photo: YouTube)

Ava, Ex-Machina: Alicia Vikander stars as this winsome beauty who is fashion personified. Just human enough to be touchable, yet her body is clearly from another time and place, planet-wise. Odd enough to be edgy thanks to her luminous wire-tech style, gorgeous enough to be a goddess. How very annoying.


Maria, Metropolis

Maria, Metropolis (Photo: YouTube)

Maria, Metropolis: Scary as hell with her pentagram-decorated throne room, she is the goddess from which many other sci-fi entities were born. Her steely blank face, shiny surface and cold attitude make her the perfect role model for professional women who work in all-male environments.


Mars Attacks!

Mars Attacks! (Photo: YouTube)

Mars Attacks fembot: The seemingly perfect human mimic from this movie hypnotizes the guys with her hourglass shape and skating moves. Rather like the most popular girl in high school. Her vampish look is a classic go-to for special evenings out and red carpet stars who want to slay the ‘natural look’ competition with their flimsy bias-cuts and un-styled hair.

Will These Fembot Fashions Inspire Met Gala Looks?