You Should Buy a Pair of Eco-Friendly Shoes Today

Because even your feet should celebrate Earth Day.

These mules can save the earth (kind of).

These mules can save the earth (kind of). (Photo: Courtesy Coclico).

Newsflash: Today’s Earth Day.

Some might use this green holiday to start a compost pile or plant a tree, but buying a pair of shoes is an equally viable way to honor Mother Earth. It might not be obvious that a pair of leather kicks are environmentally friendly, but the brand Coclico makes sure that’s the case.

To start, the brand has partnered with NativeEnergy, a firm which calculates Coclico’s annual carbon usage and provides them with the opportunity to offset this output through investments in renewable energy projects around the globe. To keep their carbon count low, Coclico hand crafts each strappy sandal and sleek mule at their family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. The luxe leathers and other materials are purposely sourced from small, artisanal vendors from the surrounding areas. Leather aside, other materials used in these shoe designs are either recycled or renewable, including cork and wood.

Through this weekend, Coclico is offering 10 percent off all cork shoes in honor of Earth Day. Consider this your permission slip to shop your way to a greener planet.

You Should Buy a Pair of Eco-Friendly Shoes Today