How a Model-Slash-DJ Trains for a Marathon

No more social drinking.

When Ms. Kwok is training, she eats grains, vegetables and chia seed pudding.

When Ms. Kwok is training, she eats grains, vegetables and chia seed pudding. (Photo: May Kwok Instagram)

Multi-hyphenate May Kwok has been busy training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, which she aced over the weekend with help from trainer and Nike+ spokesman Knox Robinson. The model-slash-DJ andall-around cool girl recently DJed the Swarovski CFDA party, but she’s been spending most of her time preparing for the Brooklyn Half, which she ran this weekend.

Throughout the intense training process, Ms. Kwok documented her experiences, including the Spotify playlist she made to prepare, equally helpful for the elliptical, if the only type of marathon you participate in is on Netflix. She listened to the new Drake and Radiohead albums nonstop.

May Kwok out of her workout clothes.

May Kwok out of her workout clothes. (Photo: May Kwok Instagram)

“May is a ‘True Yorker’ born and bred so I knew her half marathon training would need to compete in a jam packed schedule of a  high powered urbanite. But because she’s so busy I knew the sessions would have to be focused and concise as well as deliver some results. She was already fit—I was a bit caught off guard by that in the beginning, but of course it was really just an opportunity to create conditions for her to push herself harder and explore elements of running that perhaps she hadn’t experienced before,” Mr. Robinson told Observer.

Mr. Robinson focused on laying some groundwork with short intervals to get Ms. Kwok used to running at a more intense pace than before and getting her body used to running faster at the end, instead of the beginning. For regular folks interested in running a marathon, Mr. Robin suggests the Nike+ Run Club and app to connect with people, so you’re not running alone.

2. What are your favorite brands/outfits to wear while training/running? What is it about them that makes running easier? -- I am brand loyal and of course I wear Nike exclusively when I run - their dri-fit fabrics are designed for the atheletism involved with running. Recently, I had full on shopping spree at one of their stores which ended with a bag full of their new running shorts, sports bras, compression socks, and my new favorite running shoe the Nike LunarEpic fly knits.

Ms. Kwok swears by Nike’s sports bras, compression socks and the LunarEpic fly knits. (Photo: May Kwok Instagram)

“It’s been very tough dedicating all the time for my training/runs while maintaining a full time event production director position, my DJ schedule, and my work on the side for different creative projects–while still balancing my social life,” Ms. Kwok explained. She worked with Mr. Robinson to figure out weekly goals, including strength training and yoga.

May Kwok and Knox Robinson during a training session.

May Kwok and Knox Robinson during a training session. (Photo: Nick Onken)

While Ms. Kwok was seriously focused, she still had to balance her social life with constant running. “Well, my work schedule includes a lot of late night events, and I’ve had to put the cocktails down,” she joked. “No more social drinking since my workouts start early AM and you’d rather be at 100 percent, rather than sweating out toxins from the night before,” Ms. Kwok said–a friendly reminder, or warning, for anyone considering signing up for a marathon.

Ms. Kwok suggests working with a trainer to make running feel less reclusive, but she found that sometimes being alone does pay off. “Running is a really tough, mental sport–once you accomplish something you haven’t done before or beat your best time per mile, the feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming and makes you want to keep going,” Ms. Kwok pronounced. How a Model-Slash-DJ Trains for a Marathon