Imaginary Quotes From Werner Herzog’s MasterClass

"Attempt to learn as much as you can. It will make no difference in the end."

The warm face of an encouraging teacher
The warm face of an encouraging teacher

It was recently announced that Werner Herzog is the latest addition to MasterClass’ roster of celebrity teachers. Here are some quotes that I imagine he might share in his online filmmaking course. (Note: Two of these are real quotes, from non-imaginary Werner Herzog. Can you tell which?) 

“We are all students, really, in the class of life. And Death is the harshest teacher of all.”

“You must choose what to include in your shot. The rest is lost to the void. “

“The suffering. It is endless. But this class is only 24-lessons long.”

“Does your film have actors? Good. Let the puppets dance for you. The words from their lips are hollow as the daily  lies we tell ourselves.”

“Making a film is like a being a blind man clutching at the ice on a lake that is about to consume him.”

“It’s like Death staring at you when you look at a camera.”

“The world is a series of slowly building catastrophes. Let’s talk about backlighting your subjects.”

“I do not use storyboards. I think it is the instrument of the cowards.”

“Lesson 2: Selecting Your Camera. Using the incorrect camera is like living life with the incorrect soul.”

“Tell a story because you have a primal urge to unleash a brief moment of truth. We are forgotten all the same.

“Art can be taught, but only as much as the Void can be known.”

“Choose the right camera, choose the wrong camera; it makes no difference. Choose only the right life.

“While you’re performing, you should have pre-unwrapped Ricola cough drops and water that’s at room temperature.”

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Imaginary Quotes From Werner Herzog’s MasterClass