In the Shadow of Trump’s failed Casino, Bernie Does AC


(Atlantic City, NJ)– Senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign juggernaut made a stop in Atlantic City, NJ today, wowing a ebullient, diverse crowd with Bernie’s message of a progressive revolution. The setting seemed especially prophetic: Boardwalk Hall, in the shadow of the bankrupt, long-mothballed Trump Plaza Casino, named for the man who most crassly epitomizes just how rigged our system really is.

“What you’re seeing in Atlantic City encapsulates the ugliness and greed” of people like Donald Trump, Senator Sanders would tell the crowd.

But first, a series of warmup acts, presumably to get attendees properly fired up. There was no need, most folks came to the party pretty ginned up already. There was ceaseless charting to prove it.

What do we want!? BERNIE!
When do we want it!? NOW!!!
WE! ARE! THE 99%!!!

PolitickerNJ’s incredibly unscientific poll (of 12 people) found no evidence of the so-called “Bernie-or-Bust” phenomenon many Clinton supporters seems so (irrationally?) terrified of. Based on my observations, Hillary people needn’t worry. In fact, instead of haranguing Bernie and his supporters to pack it in, Team Clinton should send us a thank you note.

“The more people we register to vote, the more voters we get involved, the better for all Democrats in November,” NJ Congressional candidate Jim Keady told PolitickerNJ. It was an obvious reference to the half-dozen voter registration stations set up around the arena by Bernie’s staff and progressive allies.

Mullica Hill resident Amy Quinn suggested that primary competition is good telling PolitickerNJ, “Bernie has been very good for Hillary as a candidate.”

A long-time Clinton supporter, Quinn pulled her 15-year-old son Jack from school for today’s civics lesson. Jack, a big fan of Bernie Sanders, was too young to recall the last time democrats chose a presidential candidate.

However, “this isn’t  quite like 2008,” Quinn continued. “In 2008, the more Barack Obama’s message blossomed, the more it felt like his moment. it was destiny. Bernie had 25 years in the US Senate to have his moment.”

Needless to say, today’s crowd begged to differ. Bernie’s moment is now.

There were a few supporters some less-than-charitable signs directed at both Trump and Clinton.

“No anti-Hillary messages, please!” a Bernie staffer reminded the more militant youngsters beforehand. “How about a pro-Bernie sign instead?”

I wanna give my Hillary friends a moment to absorb that last nugget. Bernie’s advance team was adamant with the crowd: no negative signs directed at the current front runner. GOP standard bearer Donald Trump was fair game!

Enter Assemblymen John Wisniewski, Bernie’s NJ chairman who brought the crowd to a frenzy by repeating the names Donald Trump and Chris Christie over and over. And why not? Especially in Atlantic City, a place repeatedly defiled by both men.

Senator Sanders finally took the stage to a thunderous welcome the like of which I haven’t seen since Obama was fresh and new. Bernie quickly invoked the hulking mass that was once Donald Trump’s casino and the crowd seemed to collectively wince.

“Oh! So you know Donald Trump and the kind of prosperity he brought!”

“Wall Street billionaires profit as people in Atlantic City suffers. Tell the billionaires of the world their greed is unacceptable because it’s destroying America,” Sanders said. “You’re looking at someone who, if elected, will take them on!”

With that the crowd went nuts.

Jay Lassiter is a New Jersey political gadfly working to keep the government out of your love life and your bong. He’s also a Bernie Sanders delegate. Follow him on Twitter @Jay_Lass.

In the Shadow of Trump’s failed Casino, Bernie Does AC